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Conventional winter traction aids for boots or shoes can be inconvenient if you find yourself moving between outdoors and indoors or a vehicle often. Normally, the ice traction cleats would have to be completely removed and then reapplied to the footwear. ICETRAX MIDFLIP boot grips solve this problem by allowing you to easily switch between using the spikes for traction, or safely stowing them away on the reflective strap all while keeping the winter cleats attached to your footwear. The snow grippers can be switched from the outdoor to indoor position easily using one hand with the Easy Flip Strap. The Easy Flip Strap position hooks are on the side of the crampon so you can keep your hands clean and dry while switching from outdoors to indoors. ICETRAX MIDFLIP fit most boots and shoes between US size 5 to 13 and can be worn anywhere on the front of the foot, from under the midsole to the ball of the foot, allowing you to position the cleat to suit your comfort and traction needs. ICETRAX snow cleats use 5 hardened tungsten carbide spikes for maximum traction and durability, and come with 2 replacement spikes included. Tungsten carbide is second only to diamond in terms of hardness, this hardness allows for a thinner spike giving maximum penetration and traction on snow, ice, and everything in-between. The easy flip strap is made of durable rubber designed to withstand all the conditions of the Canadian winter. The included carrying bag, and minimal design of the crampons makes the ICETRAX MIDFLIP convenient to take along with you or to keep in the glove compartment of your car.
  • The winter shoe grip has 2 positions; the outdoor position with the spikes used for traction, and the indoor position with the spikes safely hidden on top of the crampons.
  • The Easy Flip Strap makes changing the winter boot cleat from the outdoor position to indoor position as easy as adjusting a boot buckle.
  • Switch the Easy Flip Strap without touching the bottom of the snow cleats, keeping your hands clean and dry when changing from the outdoor to indoor position.
  • The snow grips adjust to fit most boots and shoes between US size 5 to 13. The boot spikes can be used anywhere under the front of the foot for comfort and traction
  • The shoe spikes for winter have 5 replaceable hardened tungsten carbide spikes for lightweight, durable traction. 2 replacement spikes are included with the ice grips.