Frequently Asked Questions

Ice Cleats

Ice cleats are traction aids that fit over your footwear providing additional grip when walking on slippery or icy conditions. These have spikes underneath them that bite into the slippery ice and packed snow so users can walk safely thereby minimizing accidents from falling off.  

Yes. They have aggressive ice-biting studs made from materials designed to pierce through ice and packed snow, thereby providing extra grip to your footwear while walking outdoors during winter. 

Here are some factors to consider when selecting ice crampons: 

  1. Easy to put on and take off 

It should literally only take you seconds to put on and take off a pair of traction devices.   

  1. Fitting on boots 

The purpose of the traction cleats is to prevent slipping, so a secure fit around your winter boots is an absolute necessity to ensure that the traction aids function properly. 

  1. Anti-Slip Protection 

One of the key components for ice cleats is the crampons built underneath the soles. When designed and built properly, these ice grippers can save you from slipping on icy trails and roads. 

  1. Durability 

Quality materials are crucial to the lifespan of these traction aids, so make sure that the ice cleats you’re selecting are built with premium materials. 


Designed and tested in Canada, ICETRAX uses premium TPE rubber compound and quality tungsten carbide or carbon steel spikes that can withstand harsh winter conditions. The ice grippers also come with our proprietary snow tread traction system for maximum traction on ice and snow, making it one of the best anti-slip solutions in the market. ICETRAX ice cleats help you walk, run and work confidently in slippery winter conditions without worrying about falling. 


ICETRAX traction cleats easily slip-on and off around most types of footwear in seconds. Simply place the toe cap of the traction aids over the front of your shoe/boot, then pull the heel of the grippers over the back of your shoe/boot. The innovative StayON toe cap ensures a snug and secure fit on most types of footwear and prevents the ice cleats from falling off or moving around while in use.  


We value security more than anything else, so not only do these traction devices come with well-tested traction cleats, but it also has a built-in reflective panel for nighttime visibility while you’re walking down the road or hiking a trail.  

We offer ice grippers in two sizes that fit a wide range of winter boot sizes. 










5 – 9 


9.5 – 13 




6.5 – 10.5 




Please note that these anti-skid crampons are not intended for shoes with high heels. 

Absolutely. ICETRAX ice cleats are the perfect traction solution for outdoor exercises like running or hiking during winter. The underfoot traction on our ice cleats come with strategically placed tungsten carbide or carbon steel plus a proprietary snow tread traction system that solidly grips onto snow and ice, making it one of the trusted anti-slip protections in the market. 

Yes. Our ice cleats are made of durable elastic rubber that maximizes fit, function and comfort for both men and women. 

It is best to pay your local dealer a visit to try these traction devices to confirm whether they will fit your boots.  

Absolutely. ICETRAX ice cleats are the perfect traction solution for outdoor exercises like running or hiking during winter. The underfoot traction on our ice cleats come with strategically placed tungsten carbide or carbon steel plus a proprietary snow tread traction system that solidly grips onto snow and ice, making it one of the trusted anti-slip protections in the market. 

ICETRAX V5 Hex and Tungsten model with a separate purchase of transitional spikes, along with our latest model MIDFLIP can be worn indoors. These transitional spikes minimize the traction of the studs on smooth surfaces, making it suitable for situations where people constantly move between indoor and outdoor. Our V5 models come with a wrench tool, so installation of the spikes is easy. 


All other ICETRAX ice grips are designed only for use on packed snow and ice. As there are steel studs underneath the grips, it is dangerous to wear them indoors, and it is NOT advisable to wear these while driving or cycling. If you wear these indoors, you could slip on a smooth surface or trip on a carpeted one and/or scratch your flooring.  

Ice grips should not be used when walking across smooth surfaces. Please avoid areas that have tile, ceramic, linoleum, sealed concrete, epoxy floors as well as sheet metal buried under the snow. 

Traction cleats easily slip on around footwear in seconds. Simply place the toe cap of the traction aids over the front of your shoe/boot, then pull the heel of the grippers over the back of your shoe/boot.  


If the product comes with a Velcro strap, simply loop the strap around the hole with Velcro side facing upward and fasten. 


We currently do not offer traction cleats for young children. 

Our V3, V5, Pro Hex and Tungsten models are velcro strap compatible, and we offer separate purchase of these straps for the other models as well.   


Our V3 Tungsten model ice grips are now available in pink, dark green/grey and grey/black options.

We support business who care about their employee’s safety, so we do offer deals; please write to to inquire. 

ICETRAX ice grippers have beryllium copper ice-biting studs that have non-sparking qualities making it the suitable anti-slip solutions for industrial work environment such as airline, freight services, farm field, oil and gas fields. 

ICETRAX traction cleats are made of durable TPE compound rubber and hard tungsten carbide or carbon steel that will last for many winters, however, depending on the following conditions, the product lifespan may be shortened.  

  • Work environment 

  • Extreme winter conditions 

  • The type of surface these ice cleats are constantly exposed to 

  • Length of time for wearing these anti-skid crampons 


Cleaning ICETRAX crampons is a breeze—simply wipe clean with water and dry in a cool area. Avoid storing these snow grippers in hot places or places exposed to direct sunlight. 

ICETRAX offer a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Purchased directly from icetrax  

We have a 60-day return policy, which means you have 60 days after receiving your item to request a return.  


To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.  


To start a return, you can contact us at If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.  


You can always contact us for any return question at 


Purchased from authorized ICETRAX retailers 

Products purchased from an authorized ICETRAX retailer should be returned to the selling retailer.  

V5 Hex and Tungsten model comes with the tool needed for replacement, while the microspikes on IT-MIDFLIP can be replaced without using any tools. 


The other models have ice spikes integrated into the anti-slip snow cleats, so the spikes are not replaceable. 

Black ice is a nearly transparent film of ice on a dark surface (such as a paved road or a body of water) that is difficult to see. These do not have enough ice layer for the crampons to bite into, thus the underfoot traction is not optimal; we recommend staying alert when walking on these surfaces. 

Thank you for taking interest in our products, please write to with your company information and someone will get in touch with you. 

ICETRAX are available from a wide variety of outdoor and work-related retailers. We strongly recommend trying a pair on at your local dealer to ensure a proper fit prior to purchase. See below for a list of retailers who carry our traction devices. 



Patrick Morin 



London Drugs 



Alternatively, we also offer these items through,, CAA and 

Tungsten carbide cleats are technically more durable than the HEX spikes since the HEX spikes are made of carbon steel. If you plan on using the ice cleats often and for long periods, we suggest tungsten spikes since they are less likely to wear out quickly. 


Overall, both the tungsten and HEX spikes will offer a similar amount of grip on most icy surfaces. But ultimately it depends a bit on the conditions you are using them in - if using on super hard-packed ice, we would recommend the tungsten cleats since the spikes are more pointy; but if using the cleats in regular everyday conditions the HEX would be good since they have wider studs and have more stability.  


If you need to constantly switch between indoor and outdoor, we recommend to use MIDFLIP. 

If you are looking at walking, working, or running on flat surfaces with hard packed ice, we would recommend using MIDFLIP version as these are easy to put on and off without using too much hand strength. 


Trekking poles provide great benefits, convenience and comfort, making them a great tool to carry on every hiking adventure. 

  • Serve as extra limbs to maintain balance on changing terrains 

  • Reduce stress on joint as the poles absorb some of the shock the joints take  

  • Extra pair of support when doing steep inclines and descents 

  • Minimize fatigue  

  • Keeps your back in an upright position, reducing stress on your back and hips 

  • They are especially useful when testing ice strength and water depth 

  • Keep wild animals at distance; hit the poles together or against trees or rocks to create sound or wave the poles above your head to make yourself look larger, so animals will get discouraged from approaching you.  

  • Keep your elbows close to your sides when walking with the poles using opposite arm and leg. 

  • When walking on flat ground, adjust the length of the pole so your elbow rests at a 90-degree angle with the pole tip touching the ground. 

  • When climbing uphill, shorten the length of the pole by 5-10cm for leverage to pull yourself up. Shorten your pole further if you encounter a much steeper slope. This should not cause any strain or fatigue to your shoulders, and they shouldn’t feel unnatural when using the pole, if otherwise, try shortening the pole more.  

  • When walking downhill, it is important to maintain balance and stability, so lengthen the pole by 5-10cm and plant the tip to the ground before making a descent. If you encounter a steep downhill, lengthen your winter poles further. 

  • Place the wrist strap around your hand and adjust so it’s neither too loose nor too tight around your wrist area  

  • Relax when holding the grip to prevent too much sweat formation.  

  • After each hike, clean the poles with a damp cloth to prevent mud and dirt formation that will affect the moving pieces on your winter pole 

Trekking poles come with carbide tips that works great on packed ice and hard dirt trails, however, when walking on asphalt or pavement, use the rubber or boot tip to cover the carbide tip for better stability. When walking through muddy areas, a mud basket can be installed and used alongside the carbide tip to keep mud away from your pants. And when you plan to go snowshoeing or winter hiking, snow baskets would help keep your poles afloat the snow. 

Start with the lowest section first and lengthen it to the appropriate height or until you hit the stop mark. When you’ve reached the limit of the lower section, proceed to adjust the middle section. It’s always easier to reach mid-section, so this area is the most often used when hiking.