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Enjoy miles and miles of snow trekking with our ICETRAX snowshoes! The premium grade plastic used on these snowshoes makes thhem lightweight, strong and durable with a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds. With its pointed tail and free-floatation system, snowshoers can take a more natural stride while staying afloat on deep snow. These snow shoes have aggressive steel threads on the sides, 3 crossbars underneath the deck and heavy-duty steel toe crampons to provide solid and secure grip on ice and snow, so you can conserve strength, stay safe and focus more on your hiking experience.

The one-pull binding and ratchet system makes it super-fast and easy to wear the snow shoes on and off within seconds, even with your gloves on! Simply pull the front strap towards the middle to cinch the binding system around your boot. To release, simply pull the release tether outward. The ratchet system at the back keeps your boots in place by slipping the strap into the clasp and adjust accordingly. A simple push on the ratchet knob allows you to quickly unfasten the strap. The toe cap guide in front helps position your boots in the right place, while the left and right marking on the heel tab ensures you won?€?t wear these shoes incorrectly.

Whether you?€?re hiking for recreational purpose or for long hours, you are rest assured to experience comfort on these snowshoes with its foam padded front binding system and rubber heel pad around the back strap. The heel lift relieves calf tension when climbing uphill and the pull tab attached on it makes flipping and storage effortless. And when you?€?re back from your adventures, you can conveniently keep these gears inside the storage bag and stash it in the closet or car trunk.

  • Made of enhanced durable plastic, not only are these snow shoes lightweight, but they are also built to withstand cold temperature, while carrying a load of up to 250lbs. Whether you're out hiking, backpacking, winter camping, backcountry or mountaineering, these outdoor snow shoes are a reliable companion to help you stay afloat deep snow and trek different types of terrain..
  • The aggressive steel side traction rails, cross-bars underneath the deck along with steel toe crampons in the middle ensures secure grip on both ice and snow, so you can save precious energy while hiking safely and efficiently.
  • The glove-friendly one-pull binding system and ratchet system allows instant adjustment and accommodates to any winter footwear. The toe cap guide helps snowshoers to quickly place their shoes in the right position. The pull tab on heel lift comes with a left and right marking for easy identification.
  • These snowshoes are a great fit for recreational and avid snowshoers. It comes with a free-floating axle system that allows you to walk normally without having to spread your legs wide apart making it super comfortable to walk around. The foam padded front binding system with soft rubber heel pad ensures maximum comfort during long hikes. It is equipped with a heel lift to reduce calf fatigue when climbing steep hills and flips easily using the pull tab.
  • When not in use, the snowshoe can be stored inside the accompanying bag, making it easy and convenient for storage in closet or car! It includes an extra fabric cover to prevent the crampons from scratching the surface of the deck or floor tiles that it comes to contact with..