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ICETRAX Velcro straps for use with ICETRAX V3 model of ice cleats. Using Velcro straps with your ice cleats can help to provide a more secure fit, especially for when running in the winter or engaging in more intense activities which require additional stability.??

MORE SECURE FIT: The ICETRAX Velcro straps can be attached to the ICETRAX V3 ice grippers for a more secure fit when running and training in the winter.

NIGHT-TIME SAFETY: The straps also include a built-in reflective band for added night-time visibility while out running.

DURABLE: The Velcro straps are fabricated with premium Velcro that holds in place while you are out on the go. The straps also feature rub resistant woven fabric that will hold up over time without ripping. The loop on the end of the straps is made of metal for ultimate durability.

WHAT?€?S INCLUDED: Package includes one pair of Velcro straps compatible with ICETRAX V3 model of ice cleats.

FIT: Velcro straps are easy to use and come in two sizes. It is recommended to select the same size Velcro straps as your ICETRAX ice cleats ?€? ie. if you have size S/M ice cleats, then select size S/M Velcro straps. Please note that both sizes of the straps are the same width, the difference between sizes is in the length of the straps (ie. L/XL straps are longer than the S/M straps). ??